michael-ozarksMichael Ozarks is the pen name of a former struggling musician who eventually began a somewhat successful marketing business by learning how to operate video equipment on the fly one fateful morning. For over a decade, he has designed, strategized, produced, and written for Fortune 500 companies and their less soul-crushing counterparts. In his early twenties, the author dabbled with experimental manuscripts in order to purge all manner of smugness and ignorance from his creative process. Years later, in the wake of surviving a life-threatening illness while his children were very young, he recommitted himself to the written word, primarily in order to insist upon his progeny—whenever they are old enough to think they know everything—that their clueless father had, in fact, once been there and done that.

Currently, the author lives in southern Ohio on the frontiers of farmland sprawl with his wife, two kids, two dogs, and various insects and arachnids.